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Keeping my phone on the other side of the room, hoping my laziness keeps me from texting you.



Hairs long now.

Horror movie and magic hat girls night. #martyrs #horror

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My lil buddy. #dead #bones

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My birthday cake for my 23rd birthday.

someone better make me this cake in three years.


If I don’t get this on my 23rd I’ll be really unimpressed.


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Nightmare Before Christmas: How they died

To explain this, we just put this on a while ago and I couldn’t help but realize that everyone in Halloween Town is either dead, or something that never was alive (save probably the werewolf, witchs, and lake monster.) So I got to thinking, “How did they die?” And I realized there are small little hints in everything.

Click below to read my logic in their deaths.

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Wow. Pretty legit.

Except didn’t Finklestein make Sally out of cloth?

Like I thought the whole point of her being sewn up in random places is that she’s a ragdoll. So she would never have been dead to begin with.

I think it’s fun to do this sort of thing, but I don’t really agree with it. I think for Oogie that idea is really great, especially for just the boogyman in general. Which is what I believe he is. I think the Halloween town is just a place for all ghouls and creepy spooky things from different time periods live. Oogie is the Boogie man, just a well known idea of something spooky that all kids are afraid of. The reason his skin is in a burlap sac is because you’re never supposed to know what he actually looks like, and who doesn’t get a little spooked at the idea of bugs for insides? Zero I think is a representation of rudolph, with the glowing red nose. Paired with Jack’s obsession with christmas I feel that that’s pretty appropriate that his best friend would be a play off of a common christmas figure. The children I think are just evil lil kids meant to be creepy, probably me and my friends in school (heh). The mayor I feel is just a representation of all elected officials, swinging from one side  to another. The different faces mean the different opinions held in public office, he even says “I can’t make decisions by myself” which I think may be a poke at politicians by the creators of the film. Finklestein and Sally I believe are an obvious play off of Frankenstein and his monster. He created her and she goes out to try and find a life for herself, although the village people don’t hate her. Jack I think just represents the spirit of Halloween- he’s the pumpkin king but he is in fact a skeleton, he’s the face of the holiday itself, which is why he fails at being santa. 

None of you will read that but whatever I’m fuckin’ bored and over-analytical.

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I’ve been sitting here with my pants in my lap for half an hour. Should get dressed and go to work. But I’m on tumblr instead wups.

Title: They Should Greet Me with Howls of Execration Artist: Young And In The Way 2,067 plays


They Should Greet Me with Howls of Execration - Young And In The Way

into the black, a lovely death, and no one cries.

Sad that my relationship of over a year has ended. Happy that I’m moving to Brooklyn and living with one of my best friends and a few other people who’s company I really enjoy. 2013 is already bitter sweet.

It hurts to say I think I’m making the right choice.